WCCCLC 2019 – Salt & Light

Save the date: August 30 to September 2 – it’ll be a weekend that you won’t want to miss out!


Salt and Light:
[S]erve [A]ccording to the [L]ord’s [T]eachings & [L]ive [I]n [G]od’s [H]oly [T]ruth.

Jesus said we are to be “the salt of the earth” and “the light of the world.” (Matthew 5:13-14)

Why Salt and Light?

We are asked to be the salt of the earth. Salt in ancient times was highly valued and important. Salt has special characteristics: to purify, to enhance flavour, and to preserve. Similarly, we are to reflect these properties. We are asked to live a life of purity and to be just. We are tasked to effect change to the people around us by sharing our faith. We are called to preserve the goodness of the world and prevent the moral decay of the world by sin.

We are asked to the the light of the world. We are tasked to be witnesses to the reality of God’s presence in our lives, through our worship and good works. We are called to be the beacon of hope and light, to warn others of the dangers of a life without Christ. Also to service as a guide for those who do not know God, to those who are hopeless, and to those who are lost in the darkness.

Stay tuned to find out who our guest speaker is!😁