Core Team

WCCCLC Planning Committee (Core Team)


Each year, WCCCLC is organized by a group of young Chinese Catholics in agreement to the calling of God. The change in coordinators each year allows new young adults from different parishes to develop their skills as leaders of the church. Since 2005, the core team is comprised of:

  • Overall Coordinator
  • Assistant Overall Coordinator
  • Program Team Coordinator
  • Graphics Team Coordinator
  • Promotion Team Coordinator
  • Hospitality & Facilities Team Coordinator
  • Support Team Representative*

*Starting in 2014, Support Team Representative has been replaced by Advisors.

In any year without a coordinator, previous year’s coordinator should try his/her best to cover the position. Alternatively, other coordinators should cover the tasks together.

Roles and Responsibilities


  • Core team responsible for approving the overall budget for the Camp.
  • Decisions over theme, title, speaker, theme song, camp fee for the year are to be made by the Core Team.

Common Responsibilities of all Team Coordinators (“Core Team”):

  • Ensure that WCCCLC is consistent with its mission statement.
  • Journey with all team members and helpers to do the job with prayerful and respectful hearts and to discern God’s will in all decisions.
  • Ensure proper integration of various teams by working collaboratively with other Core Team members and providing support to other teams when needed.
  • Foster team building environment by establishing and maintaining open communication and coordination between and within teams.


  • Facilitated by Overall Coordinator, set critical path for the planning process of WCCCLC.
  • Keep progress of individual team up-to-date and according to the critical path.
  • Look for local spiritual events for team and sub team members e.g., rally, conference, workshop, retreat.
  • Attend all planning committee meetings and prepare meeting minutes/progress reports on a timely basis.
  • Submit team budget to Assistant Overall Coordinator and monitor the budget in a timely manner.
  • Manage respective team budget with an objective of balanced budget for the year.
  • Understand and adhere to WCCCLC’s privacy and harassment policies
  • Set target for number of participants for the camp.
  • Identify/search for appropriate Camp Speakers.
  • Develop grouping and rooming of participants for the camp.
  • Plan pre-camp meeting, post-camp, and reunion activities (if considered necessary).
  • Work closely with Program Coordinator to ensure a smooth program and manage emergencies (e.g. power outage) and contingencies affecting the program
  • Conduct team post-camp report and evaluation; submit results to Overall Coordinator and Assistant Overall Coordinator.
  • Ensure a proper hand-over to the next coordinators, including helping in the planning of discernment retreat for the following year.

Required Skills, Attitudes and Understandings:

  • Commitment to spiritual growth
  • Strong leadership and organizational skills; willing to be a good leader as well as a good team-member
  • Good interpersonal and communication skills; willing to reach out and work with various kinds of people
  • Skills in building a strong team/community
  • Practicing Catholic
  • Basic understanding of the Scripture, Catholic faith and Church teachings
  • Willingness and ability to speak with conviction about his or her own Catholic faith
  • Willingness and ability to delegate tasks to team members
  • Understanding of the nature, history, objectives and significance of WCCCLC
  • Understanding of the spiritual needs of young people
  • Experience in organizing faith formation activities will be an asset
  • Friendly and open-minded

Length of Commitment:
One year. The commitment continues after the camp, until the evaluation is completed and the tasks of the Living Camp are passed on to the new planning committee.

No previous formal training is required.

For Overall Coordinator, he/she must have been previously involved in the planning of WCCCLC, preferably in one of the roles as Team Coordinators.

For Team Coordinators, he/she must have been participant of any previous WCCCLC, preferably has previous experience as planning team member.

Support: A two-day training will be provided, including discernment retreat, Christian leadership training and project management. On-going support will be available from Support Team (experienced coordinators from previous WCCCLC), clergies from different parishes and spiritual director (if any). Support gatherings can be held throughout the year if needed.

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