Overall Coordinator (OC)



  • Director of WCCCLC
  • Spokesperson/representative of WCCCLC to third parties, including ECCCLC, CACCLC, different parishes (e.g. Vancouver, Seattle, Calgary, Edmonton etc.), communities, media, Archdiocesan Youth Ministry and youth groups.
  • Maintain communication with and seek advice from clergies and experienced lay ministers.
  • Keep the Core Team focused on the “big picture” while discussing planning details


  • Work with Core Team to establish critical path and responsible for managing the overall plan and ensuring timely execution of critical path.
  • Maintain open communication within Core Team to ensure overall team integration.
  • Organize and facilitate Core Team meetings.
  • Attend individual team meetings occasionally to provide support.
  • Report regularly to WCCCLC Spiritual Directors on the progress of WCCCLC
  • Provide support to Assistant Overall Coordinator on financial, administrative and other matters.
  • Obtain appropriate insurance policies for the camp.
  • Prepare and submit post-camp report to Archbishop, WCCCLC Spiritual Directors, and pastors of parishes with significant number of WCCCLC participants within 3 months of the camp.

During the camp:

  • Act as overall in-charge and be ready to handle contingencies.
  • Make final decisions regarding any last minute changes, emergencies and contingencies.
  • Be the chief host for visiting Archbishop, speakers and other guests.
  • Arrange and carry out core-team meeting after each day’s program.

Specific Skills Required:

  • Must be a planning team member or a coordinator of any previous WCCCLC
  • Willingness and ability to communicate with pastors and others in leadership positions
  • Familiarity of various Chinese parishes and communities in Western Canada

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