Graphics Coordinator


  • Work with Graphics Team to develop and produce all graphics design work such as:
    • Camp poster
    • Promotion materials (e.g. pamphlets)
    • Name tag
    • T-shirt
    • Publication (e.g. handbook)
    • Signage (e.g. banners)
    • Souvenir
    • Thank-you card/gift for Speaker(s), campsite etc.
    • PowerPoint presentations
  • Responsible for design and production but content will be provided by the applicable team for the particular design job.
  • Provide Core Team with estimated cost of each design job and design recommendation to be decided by the Core Team.
  • Recruit members for photographers and videographers during the camp.

Specific Required Skills:

  • Good knowledge and skills in graphic design, and graphic design software.
  • Basic understanding of the effects that different media have on graphic designs (i.e. A/V, projectors, photography)

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