Hospitality and Facilities Coordinator


Preparation work:

  • Hospitality
    • Administer the registration process.
      • Ensure the process is compliance with the Privacy Policy.
      • Regularly report the progress of registration to the Overall and Assistant Overall Coordinators.
      • Collaborate with promotion team for camp registration.
      • Keep registration data up-to-date for various purposes (e.g. grouping, helpers recruitment, room arrangements, transportation arrangements, and statistical reporting).
      • Extract from the registration database only relevant data to helpers for the various purposes
    • Coordinate special needs or food allergy of campers.
    • Recruit members for hospitality team including camp greeters, house-fathers, house-mothers, first aid, AV helpers, clean-up team and other helpers.
    • Coordinate transportation including booking coach bus, making pick-up and drop-off arrangements for all communities, and car-pool arrangements.
    • Coordinate appropriate housekeeping matters.
  • Facilities
    • Coordinate and oversee the usage of all facilities (the campsite and other event venues).
    • Coordinate all equipment and things required for the camp (i.e. work with all Core Team Coordinators to determine what is needed for the camp, including road signs).
    • Research and evaluate all potential camp sites near Vancouver Lower Mainland.
    • Responsible for making camp reservation and act as first point-of-contact with the camp throughout the year (including site visit arrangement).
    • Research for inventory storage space (if necessary).
    • Maintain inventories and left-over materials from previous camp and hand-over a complete list of inventories on hand for next year’s Core Team.

During the camp:

  • Coordinate all aspects of our hospitality to the campers.
  • Work closely with Program Coordinator to ensure a smooth program and work with Core Team to manage emergencies (e.g. power outage, flood toilets).
  • Report any campsite-related issues to Core Team to minimize program interruption.
  • Address housekeeping rules to all campers during introduction of the camp.
  • Facilitate room arrangement and other housekeeping matters (including emergency check-outs) and look after visitors’ charges (e.g. meal fees).
  • Coordinate with the Taizé Sub-team leader to set up the Taizé prayer session. The Taizé team is expected to provide all the human resources needed to set up the Taizé prayer but the Taizé Team certainly needs to coordinate with the Hospitality & Facilities Team if the setup involves moving equipment.
  • Bring the master Medical Waiver file to camp in case of emergency.

Specific Skills Required:

  • Organized and detail-oriented with good written and verbal communication skills.

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