WCCCLC 2013 Speaker


Father Leitao Joseph Tan






A fan of Backstreet Boys & Westlife! Oh, and did I mention tea, tea, & TEA?

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Short Bio written by Father Joseph Tan

Even though I studied Theology and Philosophy in English, I have always had a strong dedication and love towards the Chinese Catholics. According to my uncles and aunties, I have always liked to tell stories since I was little. One day I realized that all stories should only be about Our Lord Jesus. Since then, I became someone that talks about the Bible.

I will never forget what the instructor told us on the first day I entered the monastery, “You have left your family, but all the people that you will be serving, will now become your family.” Since then, I have thousands of family members to love and take care of, but also them to love and take care of me.

When I first came to Hong Kong, I lived in a small little room in HK of Society of the Divine Word (SVD). I then applied to go to Sing Yin Secondary School, where I lived for 9 months. I started to learn Cantonese since then, word by word. Every morning, I would celebrate mass for the nuns at St. Antonius Primary School. Sometimes I would go to St. Edward’s Catholic Primary School to celebrate Cantonese mass. After 9 months, I was sent to Our Lady of the Rosary Church. The church was really small, but all parishioners were like one big family. After a year and 3 months, I am now the Assistant Parish Priest of St. Margaret Mary’s Parish, located in Happy Valley, Hong Kong.

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