WCCCLC 2015 Team Formations

All the teams are looking to build on more helpers. Again, this year, the camp will be held over the September long weekend (Sept 47, 2015) and as you may know, the success of every WCCCLC is purely achieved by the help of volunteers like you and I. Therefore it takes all the help it can get to have a successful camp. If you would like to contribute, please do not hesitate to contact any one of the core team members through Facebook, email ([email protected]), or in person. Being in a team does not mean you will be piled on with an overload of work to be done. Instead, it will probably mean knowing someone better, contributing to the community together, or making a difference for WCCCLC.


If you haven’t fully decided on what team to join, or to even joining anything, please come talk to any of the core team members!

Program – Stephanie Ng
Graphics – Jessica Cheung
Hospitality and Facility – Fatima Lee
Promotion– Raymond Yee

If you are interested in being Liturgy or Group Facilitator, please contact Stephanie Ng or any of the core team members.