Promotion Coordinator


  • Ensure current year’s theme and WCCCLC mission are reflected in the promotional campaign.
  • Lead promotion team to conduct demographic research in different parishes and communities and identify target groups.
  • Identify, analyze and determine effective ways to promote WCCCLC to increase exposure and registration.
  • Work with promotion team to develop a promotional campaign (e.g. promotional visits at different parishes/communities, media promotion, parish announcements) based on the theme of the year.
  • Work with Overall Coordinator to liaise with different parishes and communities for the promotional campaign.
  • Supervise the team to update and maintain WCCCLC’s website.
  • Send timely promotional announcements to the WCCCLC mailing list.
  • Coordinate with Graphics Design Coordinator for promotional materials (e.g. pamphlets, posters, parish bulletin advertisements).
  • Coordinate promotional booths and on-site registration at different parishes/communities.
  • Ensure all registration information is passed to the Hospitality Coordinator and registration fee to the Assistant Overall Coordinator on a timely basis to update the registration database.
  • Organize and coordinate fundraising activities, if needed.

During the camp:

  • Responsible for participants’ check-in into the camp in collaboration with the Hospitality and Facilities Team.
  • Oversee the T-shirt booth and/or souvenir booth during the camp in collaboration with the Graphics Team.
  • Support all other teams during the camp as needed.
  • Promote post-camp to all members.
  • Pass on proceeds from the sale booths to the Assistant Overall Coordinator at the end of each day.

Specific Skills Required:

  • Familiarity of various Chinese parishes and communities in Western Canada

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